Facing climat change


Facing climate change

With an ever-changing climate, how secure do you feel in your long-term supply?

Changes in climate mean that your raw materials supply will become increasingly insecure both in terms of quantity and quality, and also cost.

I can help prevent this.

By simultaneously liaising and interfacing with both large organisations and small scale local suppliers, I can provide an end-to-end food supply solution (from initial analysis and recommendations, all the way through to sustainable long-term implementation) that benefits all parties, including the environment.

I have successfully applied my knowledge of ecological and climate-smart agricultural practices to numerous kinds of foods and crops (specialising in tropical agriculture), and have over 15 years of hands-on experience working with rural communities and organisations in developing and emerging markets.

Contact me, or visit my website, to see how I can help secure your supply, by working with the current reality, rather than trying to fight against it.


Carbon footprint diagnosis

  • Audit of large or small scale farms in tropical, mediterranean and european zones. Whether cooperative farms or not. 
  • Diagnosis of the main sources of green house gaz – Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxyde (CO2), Nitrogen protoxyde (N2O) and Carbides (PCF, HFC, SF6).
  • Calculation of your farm's annual carbon footprint, per surface and per ton of products in eqCO2. 
  • Recommendations for technical itineraries and global farm management in the aim to reduce GHG emissions and energy consomption. 
  • Recommendations of compensational measures with the objective of attaining a neutral or positive carbon footprint.


Climate smart agriculture

  • Audit of the farm and technical advice to implement a climate smart agriculture. 
  • Cost analysis and recommendations on how to reduce production costs. 
  • Train-the-trainer approach in climate smart agriculture. 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Optimisation of pest and disease control.


Community engagement

  • Relationship building between your company and local communities (design and implementation of a « win-win » system). 
  • Child protection through access to education. 
  • Women and youth empowerment. 
  • Local conflict resolution through inter ethnical collaboration. 
  • Access to adult education (including professional training) and microfinance. 
  • Access to water and energy.